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My son had ear infections come and go for over a year. After watching him in pain, and on so many courses of antibiotics that affected his stomach, we needed to do something new. My pediatrician had recommended he have tubes placed in his ears. I had a friend recommend a Chiropractor from Chantilly Chiropractic and to try that first, the tubes could be a second option. After he was treated to correct his neck alignment, one year later, my son has not had another ear infection. Now when his ear starts to hurt he tells me to take him to the chiropractor!
Mother of 4 Year Old Boy

Three years ago I was rear-ended in a car accident. I didn't think I was injured badly but started to have neck pain and headaches regularly. It affected me at work and limited me from certain duties. My coworker told me about the Chiropractor at Chantilly Chiropractic Center and how much it helped her with her neck pain. I had never seen a Chiropractor before. The Chiropractor utilized manipulation and some physio therapies in my treatment. After several visits, my headaches are a rare occurance and I no longer have the neck pain.
Registered Nurse

I suffered from a pinched nerve in my lower back for two months. It limited me from working out in the gym or jogging with friends. I tried pills and heating pads until a friend referred me to the doctor. After being treated in the office with the Vax-D and physical therapies I can jog now and do sit ups and pull ups.
Law Enforcement Officer

I had a history of upper back pain, fatigue,and overall ache for years. I was easily tired and having to stop from time to time. I had tried massage and pain medications before being treated with Chiropractic Care. I am now off the medications, have energy and am not in severe pain. I recommend Chiropractic Care to others now.

I was experiencing sciatica and tightness in my back muscles on and off for years. It limited me from pretty much everything so I dealt with it. I saw another Chiropractor for about seven months without any improvement. Within four visits the doctor helped lessen my back pain so that it did not hurt to sit and do my job. The massage therapist was a miracle worker as she worked on my back muscles with deep tissue massage.  Thank you to all for helping me 🙂
School Bus Driver

I had a bad back and had suffered with it for fifteen years. I had tried stretching and exercise in the past to try and help the pain. Chiropractic Care has increased my mobility and I have less back pain.
Business Developer

I had suffered from back pain for about four years and did something to aggravate it. I had seen another Chiropractor and then came to Chantilly Chiropractic Center. I tried the Vax-D Machine and it helped tremendously. I would recommend Chiropractic Care to a family or a friend.

I was injured during a game from a hit to my right side. After going to a physical therapist, it helped but I still had pain in my right hip. It affected my ability to play my position. I saw the Chiropractor and after one adjustment, I could feel the difference, the deep pain in my hip joint was gone. Now when I take a hard hit, or get injured, I see the Chiropractor first.
Lacrosse Player

I had been in auto accidents and had vertebral misalignment in my neck. I suffered from this off and on for over ten years. It prohibited me from exercising. Before I came to the Chiropractor I had tried massage therapy alone. The doctor used therapy and then adjusted my spine. I am now able to exercise without pain.

Sitting at a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day takes a toll on my neck and shoulders. After years of nagging pain my arm started to go numb, that alarmed me! A coworker recommended I see thier Chiropractor for help so I
made an appointment at Chantilly Chiropractic. After about 3 weeks of treatment my pain and numbness were gone. I was relieved and thrilled since I did not want to take the surgical route. When I hear others complaining about the same problems I had, I tell them to go to Chantilly Chiropractic.
Technical Writer

From an old injury, I had lower back pain – wedged two discs and a twisted sacroiliac. I had the pain off and on for over thirty years and it prohibited me from activities. The doctor treated me with Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. Chiropractic care has changed my lifestyle!
Computer Graphics Engineer